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Early Childhood Memories

When you think about your childhood, what’s the first memory that comes to mind? This is a question I asked in a childhood questionnnaire I began a while ago, which by the way you are welcome to see and fill in.

first childhood memories

My first memory plays vividly in my head. I was so young I couldn’t walk yet. I was in my grandparents’ house in a room that now seems small, but from my crib it felt enourmous. The crib was positioned paralel to a table that stood right under the window and to the left of the crib was my grandmother’s bed. And me, well I was curious and adventurous and restless.

So I would climb up and out of my crib and onto the bed and then make my way up and across the table and back to the crib. And this was my favourite thing to do. I remember doing it over and over again, exploring my close surroundings and looking around the room, feeling the textures with my little hands. What sticks even to the day is how exciting everything felt. I was an explorer and I loved it.

baby photo early memories

Below I’d like to share a few of the first memories of others and maybe inspire you to try and recall your own.

“Sitting on the carpet in the living room, looking up at the window.”

“Being in the bathtub and the sensation of a warm facecloth on my skin.”

“Being carried to my cot and the radio being turned down.”

“Drinking milk as I was holding the bottle up with my feet and seeing Baba (my great grandmother) out the window bringing another bottle.”

“Wearing a blue dress and sitting down on a carpet that itched my butt. My mum says I was about 2 years and a half. I also remember wearing that dress while going to the pool with my cousin and aunt. My cousin made sand castles and my aunt stepped on them accidentally when she wasn’t looking. Then my cousin blamed me.”

“The smell of the plastic rain cover that goes over a pushchair – and feeling safe and warm whilst the rain drummed against it.”

“Dreaming of terrifying skeletons.”

“My mom bringing my dog in midday to take a nap with me so I’d go to sleep.”

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